Are you looking for a side gig to put a little extra cash in your pocket? Scrap metal may be something that you are interested in. If you know what to look for, where to look for it and where to take it; recycling can be a lucrative endeavor to do in your free time to make extra money. Junk cars can be parted out for their best scrap metal and the steel sold separately, or you may want to find more valuable metals in waste from building renovations. There are also properties that need cleaning, and you can charge a fee for the labor and recycle the metal you find. Here are some tips that will help you scavenge scrap metal and turn it into cash:

1. Junk Cars; Part them Out Before You Scrap Them

You may be considering recycling because you have an old junk car that you want to get rid of or you have been asked to take one. The thing you need to know about cars is that you do not want to just haul them into the scrap yard. Instead of taking junk cars in, strip them of all their different parts. Organize parts in piles of copper, steel and aluminum. The body and any steel can be sold for the price of steel, while other metals you will want to sell separately. If you have more than one car that you can scrap, collect more of the aluminum and copper to sell to the scrap metal service in bulk and get more money.

2. Clean for A Fee and Take Away Scraps for Recycling

There are many property owners that need help cleaning up waste and old junk. Charge them a fee for your labor and make an agreement that you get to keep any metal and other objects that are to be removed. The fee will cover the cost of your time and labor if there is not any metal. If there is any metal to scrap, it will be an extra bonus for cleaning up the property. Private property owners may be an option to find metal scrap, but it can be more difficult to agree on a fee for the cleaning. Check with real estate investors and property management services for paid cleaning jobs because these businesses just want their properties cleaned. Businesses with property that needs cleaning will often pay a fee for your labor without hesitation.

3. Finding Treasure with Salvage from Buildings and Construction

In addition to cleaning properties, there are also old buildings that you can get permission to scavenge or construction projects. Talk with owners of barns and old factories that need to be cleaned or dismantled for materials, including old wood that can be resold. The old buildings often have old steel and tin metal that can be recycled. Sometimes, you may also find lead coverings used as a moisture barrier for things like shower pans in homes or washing areas in old factories. Other metals like brass, copper and aluminum are also commonly found when salvaging materials from old structures.

With the right gear and a little work, you can find scrap metal and get more money for your efforts. Contact a scrap metal service to get information on current prices, and take your metal in for recycling for extra pocket cash.